Handcrafted Pink and Gold Glitter Flower Crown

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A beautiful pink and gold glitter flower crown essential for events, birthdays, and weddings as well as years to come! The flower halo is adjustable, and meant to accent ones face and attire rather than overwhelm. The featured flowers are 1 1/2" to 1/4" each. Dazzled with hand painted gold and rose gold glitter.

The flower crown featured has 15 inches of floral length, which is my bestselling and most versatile floral length.

It fits 1 year to adult.

The Pearled Rose flower crowns have been purchased by thousands for their bridal flower crowns, flower girl crowns, first communions, maternity crowns, and photoshoot flower crowns.

The holiday flower wreath is adorned with a set of pink ribbons of 17 inches. Perfect for a sweet tie back. You may simply pin for extra dancing staying power or choose to wear as a first birthday headband.
Handcrafted Pink and Gold Glitter Flower Crown