Some frequently asked questions!
What is the best way to contact you?
The best way is to email or contact via the website!
Do the flower crowns fit year old babies, children, or adults?
They fit all of the above! The flower crowns are flexible, and are made with a 15 inch floral length, unless otherwise noted. Simply adjust to ones head shape, and tie in the back for staying power. For extra dancing protecting, simply add a few pins. 
If you need one for a little baby, newborn to 1 year, I do make a smaller size, which is 12 inches of floral length. To request this size, please email or message me.
As with anything that has small features, don't leave a baby or small child alone. Parent supervision is a must with anything that has tiny pieces.
Are the flowers real?
While the flowers may certainly look real, they are artificial. I fell in love with the artificial flowers due the way they last and last! You will want to wear yours again!