Flower Crowns

As timeless as a rose

The Pearled Rose handcrafts timeless hair adornments for life's most special moments.

inspired, dainty, loved

Cherish each & every moment

Being together in 2022 means something deeper to both children and adults alike than it did in 2019. Choose a Pearled Rose hair adornment for the special moments created this year and beyond.

delicate & whimsical

NEW 2022 Collection

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Meet the Bestseller
Romantic burgundy & gold
This elegant classic has been a bestseller for 6 years and running. Compliment a veil or wear alone for a chic boho piece.
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Simple Crowns

Simple & Elegant

The simple crowns are wrapped with tiny leaves with a touch of berries. Available in an assortment of colors. 

One of a kind

Timeless 20's

The Pearled Rose takes beautiful vintage jewelry (such as brooches, earrings, pendants, etc) and handcrafts into hair accessories while fixing it up a bit for a new venture. Katice is the original creator of the vintage rescale vintage jewelry headbands. This purple and gold edition was inspired by the city of San Francisco.