Handcrafted Hot Pink Pearl Rose Flower Crown

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A romantic classic in the flower crown collection, the handcrafted hot pink flower crown is an essential for:
*Special occasions
*Boho chic & rustic fashion

Who does the hot pink floral crown fit?
*1 year - Adult
(Yes, really! The flower crowns are flexible, and so simple to wear.)

What size are the flowers and what may I expect?
The hot pink roses are 3/4" . The rose headpiece has a flexible floral length of approximately 15 inches, with an additional 17 inches of satin ribbons to use as a tieback if you wish. Adorned with pearl branches and sparkles for an elegant touch.

Why choose The Pearled Rose for my flower crown(s)?
*Handcrafted high quality
*Easy to wear fashion
*Versatile styles
Handcrafted Hot Pink Pearl Rose Flower Crown